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Date: 2018-05-07 03:52

My boyfriend has all but two signs of a psychopath. My phone has been messing up so sometimes I don 8767 t get text messages on time one day I didn 8767 t get his messages until 65pm. He texted bombed me freaking out thinking I was mad at him and called me 9 times. I answered and I could tell he was drunk. He kept asking me why I didn 8767 t answer where have I been, ect. He told me he was coming over the next day and hung up. The next day there was cuts on his arms. I asked him what happened and he said nothing. I knew he cut him self I had friends from *censored* who were depressed and done it. He finally answered and said he punished his self. Because of me not answering him. He freaks out on me all the time. I started noticing after I thought I could have been pregnant. (I wasn 8767 t which was good I was just a few days late on my period ) he said to me angrily I 8767 m still going into the military next year and my life will go to hell if you are. There I felt horrible, I 8767 m not ready for *censored*s I was scared and he made it worse. Sometimes even when I don 8767 t want to he forces me to give him blow jobs. He is so strong and makes me feel so weak. He would always push me on the bed and sit on me and do everything in his power to get what he wants. After that he would get off me and kiss me and say I 8767 m sorry babe and that he loves me. He also tells me that I 8767 m not allowed to go anywhere by myself and he rather be the one to go with me because I 8767 m weak and I could get *censored*d. Every time we hangout he excepts sex and when I don 8767 t feel like it (which now I never feel like having sex with him) he gets mad at me and try to get me to have sex by whispering in my ear I know you want to fuck me. And would touch my sweet spots. After awhile of ignoring him he starts crying and apologizing and admits he is a horn dog and it 8767 s my fault for making him feel that way. He keeps telling me stories about all his ex girlfriends cheating on him and how his dad never really cared about him and that his mom hates him and is afraid of him. He says I 8767 m the only one he has and with out me he doesn 8767 t deserve to live another day. Today I found out he was hanging out with his ex that he talks trash about all the time. When I confronted him he said that he only went to the mall with her (we barely went to the mall because he never has money and hates it) once. He knew I was mad. I confronted him about the time I was going to a party and didn 8767 t tell him and he said it was just as bad as lying and was a total dick about it saying that I would get drunk and fuck other guys. so I didn 8767 t go to the party. But he could lie to me and hide the fact that he was hanging out with her. He pretty much keeps telling me that he doesn 8767 t trust me and thinks I 8767 m going to cheat on him. But he would say I don 8767 t trust other men around my girl. I keep telling him I 8767 m not his ex girlfriends and I 8767 m not that kind of girl dude seriously I waited until I was 76 and I gave it up to you! I could never cheat. All he could say back is they all do and then say I 8767 m not comparing you to them you are. Plus sometimes he makes me feel so stupid. I don 8767 t know what to do because I fell hard for him at the beginning gave him everything and what 8767 s sad is we only been together for about 5 months. I thought he was the one and I was wrong I think it was lust and I was punished for it. I mean sometimes he is so sweet and spoils me. And other times he makes me feel like I 8767 m trapped in a room with a psycho And used.


Omg..I 8767 m thrilled I found this. I 8767 m about to move out of a house me and my soon to be ex boyfriend got around 8 months ago. I absolutely KNOW FOR A FACT he 8767 s a psychopath now. We 8767 ve been together for almost *censored*ears now. I 8767 m just at the end of my rope with the every day bullshit with him. I have 8 *censored*s,one who is a year old,and his. I have two older *censored*ren,who he likes to constantly put down,pick on and punish. He 8767 s a sick man. Nothing is ever his fault,he twists everything to be about him. He 8767 s always a victim..of course I 8767 m the bad guy. I 8767 m worthless to him. The verbal abuse is unbearable. He puts all of his personal business on Facebook (like our fights and trash talking on me) in hopes to get some type of attention or pity from people. Hell lie to his familys faces to get them to take his side.
Some of them believe him too! He fabricates stories so I 8767 m always the wrong one,and he 8767 s always the poor thing being tortured by me. I constantly apologize to this man,but nothing,and I mean NOTHING is ever good enough! This guy managed to get me and my *censored*s evicted from our previous home,I don 8767 t own a car now..and I 8767 m about to lose my job because if I don 8767 t kiss his ass constantly..he won 8767 t allow me to use his car. Everything is HIS (car,house,*censored*,money) that 8767 s why I can 8767 t stand to be here any longer. His ex warned me too,shame I didn 8767 t listen to her sooner. The only trait he doesn 8767 t have on this list is he NEVER APOLOGIZES. NEVER ADMITS HE 8767 S EVER WRONG. its all me. Even when he hurt me,its somehow my fault. Man,can he twist things around. I feel crazy,but now I see it is him.
He also blames me for him being unhappy. Says he feels unloved and unwanted. Even when I make a true effort to make him happy,its obviously not good enough. Besides that,he tells ME he doesn 8767 t want or love me. He says this daily. U think I 8767 ve been that low? No. He 8767 s just plain miserable. He always will be. And Omg,can he hold onto the past. Any small mistake or wrong I have done,ill never live it down. Every time we fight,that 8767 s his famous up the past. Even if its been years,he still feels the need to keep making me feel like shit for any *censored* mistake I 8767 ve ever made. It 8767 s sick,because I never do that to him.
Anyways,its been hard with *censored* family and friends I have left,he 8767 s turned everyone else against me,or pushed them out of my life. I have few resources,but dammit,I 8767 m determined to get away from this madness. It 8767 s not healthy for me or my *censored*s. We deserve to be happy too. I can 8767 t wait to be rid of the monster that slowly tore me down

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Why do you women stay at all with such a psychopath? I do not as one. I keep walls up and do not allow that kind of man or woman to be in my life in any capacity. I identify that kind of person immediately. And rarely do I allow that kind of person to remain at all in my life. In peoples psychopathy they thought that being one to me was cool? How cool is a psychopath these days? Especially while they are overt not funny, not cool kinds of psychopaths to people. Don 8767 t they require anti psych otics? Incarceration? Institutionalization? Why do you women put up with that kind of man? How do you live with him? Why make excuses for him? You label him as psychopath. You make statements behind his back of what he is. Do you think that a terminal psychopath is not going to be a psychopath miraculously one day? Or what about that same kind of woman that is a psychopath in your life? Is it not better to rid yourself of that kind of person than try to deal with that kind of person in your life? When they lie, cheat, steal, threaten, etc are you always going to make excuses for that psychopath and become that psychopath for themselves? Are you that kind of self entitled person as psychopath? A simple, can I use your daughter 8767 s grill and propane to cook my lobster? Would have been fairly easy for him to do. Instead him stealing that propane was appropriate for that psychopath to enter her property. Her belongings while she was at work trying to afford it. Who is this man to her? Her neighbor. Is that not a commandment? Why does he get special priveys in his religion of the, Thou shall not whatever and her not? For he is man? And in his bible it states what kind of woman from 7555 years ago that she is not? That is psychopathy of that man. She has made statements to me that he is a psychopath upon her. Want him? He is single. He is educated. He is terminal psychopath. Want to own him? Fix him? How desperate are you as women? He is handsome. He can be charming. He is thief. He is mocker of women. He is overt. He is non violent upon my daughter. He is not threatener. He is non stalker. He is non violent upon my daughter. Who is entitled to allow him to become more to my daughter or myself to entitle him to become more of a psychopath predator upon her in his entitlement? His Jesus? I have been his Jesus to him. I do not entitle him. Statistically, how many men or women have entered into someone elses property and called that property their own when it is not and caused that person to become enraged enough to murder that psychopath all in the name of their God? When you put your hand upon your heart and you start that American oath in God that you trust, try to picture yourself as that kind of psychopath as you hold that heart. For I am that woman who has held your heart in my hands. As psychopath thought pattern I could have instead crushed it in my hands instead. And ended your life by the power and strength that I have and you have not. A choice. It is only a simple organ. It is not an organ that cannot be stopped easily. By means of my psychopathy to not massage it back to beating. Or the entitlement of beating it until it stops as psychopath. Which are you?

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